by Silas INTRODUCTION Muhammad and his followers fought many battles.  Some were offensive some were defensive.  Following a victory the Muslims would take captives, or prisoners of war.  Muhammad would usually distribute the captives, both male and female, as slaves...

Perverted Islamic Feminism

Many in the West are hopeful that Islam will undergo a reformation at the hands of Muslim women. That it is just a matter of time before Muslim women will wise up, figure out what must be done, and stand together in unity to march for their equality and human rights.

Harems Accepted in the West

If I secretly married a second wife in the UK I would be hauled before the courts and could receive a prison sentence. But our laws do not apply to Muslims in this respect and illustrates how far sharia has already penetrated our legal system.

The Big Shut-Up

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is everything the identity-group fetishists profess to dig: female, atheist, black, immigrant, yet the left despise her because she speaks out against Islam.

My Not Dear Father – A Muslim Woman’s journey to Freedom

Breaking the chains of a cultural prison This is a story that would strike a cord in every persons heart who loves freedom (not just women) and will resound loudly in the hearts of women who are bound in cultural prisons and who long for freedom from them.  This is...


It was a beautiful March. Especially when the new president was about to cancel Planned parenthood fundings. And it was supposed to be a Feminist March… Except when some tried to convert this beautiful Resistance in a opportunity to legitimate Women’s Oppression in the name of Resisting Machism.

The Houris: Islam’s ‘Sexual Superwomen’

So Islamic State offers its fighters sex slaves in this world while fighting and super sex slaves if they are killed with a four-woman bonus. Our left-wing liberal friends does this not tell you something of theIslamic mindset?

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